verisimilitude [n] authenticity color, credibility, genuineness, likeliness, likeness, plausibility, realism, resemblance, semblance, show, similarity, virtual reality; concept 725 —Ant. falseness, impossibility

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  • Verisimilitude — in its literary context is defined as the fact or quality of being verisimilar, the appearance of being true or real; likeness or resemblance of the truth, reality or a fact’s probability. Verisimilitude comes from Latin verum meaning truth and… …   Wikipedia

  • Verisimilitude — Ver i*si*mil i*tude, n. [L. verisimilitudo: cf. OF. verisimilitude. See {Verisimilar}.] The quality or state of being verisimilar; the appearance of truth; probability; likelihood. [1913 Webster] Verisimilitude and opinion are an easy purchase;… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • verisimilitude — c.1600, from Fr. verisimilitude (1540s), from L. verisimilitudo likeness to truth, from veri, genitive of verum, neut. of verus true (see VERY (Cf. very)) + similis like, similar (see SIMILAR (Cf. similar)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • verisimilitude — index credibility, probability Burton s Legal Thesaurus. William C. Burton. 2006 …   Law dictionary

  • verisimilitude — *truth, veracity, verity Analogous words: agreement, accordance, harmonizing or harmony, correspondence (see corresponding verbs at AGREE): *likeness, similitude, resemblance …   New Dictionary of Synonyms

  • verisimilitude — Verisimilitude, Verisimilitudo …   Thresor de la langue françoyse

  • verisimilitude — ► NOUN ▪ the appearance of being true or real. ORIGIN Latin verisimilitudo, from verisimilis probable …   English terms dictionary

  • verisimilitude — [ver΄ə si mil′ə to͞od΄, ver΄ə si mil′ətyo͞od΄] n. [L verisimilitudo < verisimilis: see VERISIMILAR] 1. the appearance of being true or real 2. something having the mere appearance of being true or real SYN. TRUTH …   English World dictionary

  • verisimilitude — /ver euh si mil i toohd , tyoohd /, n. 1. the appearance or semblance of truth; likelihood; probability: The play lacked verisimilitude. 2. something, as an assertion, having merely the appearance of truth. [1595 1605; < L verisimilitudo, equiv.… …   Universalium

  • verisimilitude — The extent to which a hypothesis approaches the truth. The first approach to the notion, due to Popper, identifies this with the extent to which a theory captures the whole truth: a theory T will have more verisimilitude than a rival T just in… …   Philosophy dictionary

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